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Code of Conduct

This Code has been introduced to promote and safeguard the interests of F Cube and its members. It is therefore, agreed, that:

Members are committed to provide a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, or similar personal characteristic.
Members are to agree to work actively inside the network and follow our procedures.
Members are to agree to attend annual meets.
Members are to agree to share business with other members.
Members commit to reply to all freight inquiries within 4-6 hours, and routing orders/sales leads within 24 hours.
Members are to agree to exchange only net/net rates.
All accounts must be settled within 30 days from the date of monthly invoice (unless otherwise agreed).
If a member is deemed to have defaulted on a payment to a fellow member, the F Cube board reserves the right to notify all members using bulletin.
Members are responsible to release the shipment only to consignee and/or to obtain a proper endorsed B/L or bank release if the shipment has to be delivered to a party other than the consignee.
F Cube cannot be held responsible and does not accept any financial liability for commercial and/or financial obligations that are not met by group members.
In the event of expulsion, due to non-compliance of the F Cube Code of Conduct, fees will not be refunded. ​​
Members may leave group at any time. Fees will not be refunded.
Members must refrain from using the F Cube logo once membership is terminated.
Members further agree that these conducts, may be amended from time to time.

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Network & Member Updates

    Feb 2018 - New Members joined from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vanuatu

    Apr 2018 - Successfully concluded 01st Annual Global Meet in Bangkok, Thailand

    May 2018 - New Members joined from Sudan, UAE, Pakistan

    June 2018 - New Members joined from China, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan

    July 2018 - New Members joined from Romania, UAE, Singapore

    Aug 2018 - New Members joined from Philippines, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Fiji, Portugal

    Oct 2018 - New Members joined from Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, India

    Nov 2018 - New Members joined from UAE

    Dec 2018 - New Members joined from Iran, Morocco

    Jan 2019 - New Members joined from Sri Lanka, UK

    Jan 2019 - F Cube has expanded to open a new office in Singapore
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