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Being professionals, we all know how hard it is to get out and meet new people and make a new friend. Professional networking groups come handy as an opportunity to escape the norm and meet & know new people that may give you a reason to come out of your shell a bit more and have fun. But that doesn’t mean that business takes a back seat.

We believe, when both combines together, magic happen!

Join us and discover the NEW today with us!

Joining as a member enhances your brand recognition.
Get connected with Reliable & Trusted Freight Forwarders around the globe.
Exchange creative ideas with people from all over the world.
Friendly dealings give a greater sense of trust amongst members.
Unlimited business growth opportunities, Friendly vibe, always & every time.
Cool get-togethers.
As a value added service, you can advertise your services/promote your rates on our site FREE of COST under Promotion’s page.

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Network & Member Updates

    Apr 2018 - Successfully concluded 01st Annual Global Meet in Bangkok, Thailand

    May 2018 - New Members joined from Sudan, UAE, Pakistan

    June 2018 - New Members joined from China, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan

    July 2018 - New Members joined from Romania, UAE, Singapore

    Aug 2018 - New Members joined from Philippines, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Fiji, Portugal

    Oct 2018 - New Members joined from Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, India

    Nov 2018 - New Members joined from UAE

    Dec 2018 - New Members joined from Iran, Morocco

    Jan 2019 - New Members joined from Sri Lanka, UK

    Jan 2019 - F Cube has expanded to open a new office in Singapore

    Mar 2019 - Successfully concluded 02nd Annual Conference in Danang, Vietnam

    Mar 2019 - New Members joined from Argentina, UK
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