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Membership Criteria

Applications are restricted to companies who are able to provide professional freight forwarding services which includes Air/Sea/Land and Rail Freight.
The Applier Company must have been established for a minimum of one year.
The Applier Company must provide scanned copies of all their certifications such as FMC/MTO/IATA/FIATA etc.
The Applier Company must not be blacklisted in Freight Deadbeats, FDRS or any other debt recovery agency.
The Applier Company commit to honor the rules and regulations set by any national or international shipping, forwarding or maritime association.
The Applier Company agrees to pay their membership or conference fee within 15 days of invoice date, which is non-refundable.
The Applier Company acknowledges that F Cube group is not responsible for bad debts between members. By request, management will act as Arbitration Committee to resolve the dispute.

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Network & Member Updates

    Feb 2018 - New Members joined from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vanuatu

    Apr 2018 - Successfully concluded 01st Annual Global Meet in Bangkok, Thailand

    May 2018 - New Members joined from Sudan, UAE, Pakistan

    June 2018 - New Members joined from China, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan

    July 2018 - New Members joined from Romania, UAE, Singapore

    Aug 2018 - New Members joined from Philippines, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Fiji, Portugal

    Oct 2018 - New Members joined from Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, India

    Nov 2018 - New Members joined from UAE

    Dec 2018 - New Members joined from Iran, Morocco

    Jan 2019 - New Members joined from Sri Lanka, UK

    Jan 2019 - F Cube has expanded to open a new office in Singapore
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